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What to Do With a House in Probate

Probate, although it might sound like a serious legal term, is something that many people will actually experience throughout their lives. Probate deals with the property and will of a deceased loved one. In order to carry out loved ones’ wills as they intended, it is important to understand probate and what to do afterward.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal proving of a will. Legal professionals will examine a deceased person’s will and determine the legitimacy of said will. The results of probate will name who are the rightful heirs to valuable property, possessions, and assets of the deceased person. Probate ensures that wills are followed according to the desires of a deceased person. They also ensure that no property, possessions, or assets are taken advantage of illegally. 

Communicate With Other Owners

If you are named a rightful inheritor of a deceased loved one’s home, you have the responsibility of deciding what to do with the property. However, if you were named along with other inheritors, you must all decide together what would be best. Not only is it common courtesy to communicate well with other owners or inheritors, but you are also legally responsible to do so since the home is also their property. As soon as is feasible, meet with all inheritors in-person or virtually to discuss what to do with the property. 

Keep or Sell the House

Ultimately, you must decide with the other inheritors whether you will keep or sell the house. You may choose to keep the house if it has great sentimental value and someone is willing to live in or maintain it regularly. If the property will be too difficult to maintain or is not necessarily useful to any of the inheritors, it may be better to sell the home. By choosing to sell, you can then split money between the inheritors, which is much easier than sharing a property.

If you choose to sell the home, it is better to do so sooner rather than later so the profit can be split between the inheritors. When you sell to a cash home buying company, you can sell your home in as little as one month. Additionally, you don’t need to do any renovations or repairs; they will buy the home completely as-is. 

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