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Sell Your House to Avoid Foreclosure

  • Sell your house right now and save your credit
  • Stop the foreclosure process before auction
  • Get a guaranteed cash offer and sale
  • No repairs, closing costs, or realtor fees.

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Stop Foreclosure Right Now With a Cash Home Sale

Foreclosure has long-term financial consequences that can devastate you and your family. It can destroy your credit score, cause you to lose your home, and prevent you from buying another house. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid foreclosure and get out of your mortgage right now. 

At Peak Home Buyers Network, we buy houses as-is. We help homeowners in financial hardship by offering cash for houses and closing quickly. We can assess your property, make an offer, and close the deal in as little as seven days. You can sell your house fast without making home repairs or paying realtor fees or closing costs. Sell today and start fresh.

Fill out our online form or call (803) 991-0959 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house fast in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

How Can a Cash Home Sale Help Me Avoid Foreclosure?

What is a cash home sale?

It is a private real estate transaction between you and our buyers. We assess the value of your property to determine how much we want to offer. We buy your house in its current condition regardless of your reason for buying. If you accept our offer, we move straight into the closing process, transfer the ownership through a title company and pay cash.

The main difference between a cash home sale and a traditional home sale is that we eliminate many of the steps you have to take to find a buyer and close a deal. 
You can sell your house faster and put a stop to the foreclosure process right now!

  • No home repairs
  • No closing costs
  • No showing or staging the house
  • No realtor fees
  • No listing
  • No competing with other sellers

Our cash home sale solution allows you to pay your loan balance, get out of your mortgage, and save your credit right. Contact us today to discover the benefits of selling your house as-is for cash.

Sell Your House Right Now for Any Reason

You may believe that your situation prevents you from selling your house during foreclosure. That may be so in a traditional home sale. Peak Home Buyers Network gives you more flexibility by buying your house as-is and paying cash. We work with home sellers in all types of situation, including:


Regardless of where you are in the foreclosure process, our solution stops foreclosure dead in its tracks. Lenders are willing to work with you if you can pay the loan balance right away. By paying cash for the property, it eliminates many of the steps in the home-selling process, allowing you to close faster and settle the mortgage faster.


One of the debts that doesn’t disappear in a foreclosure is your mortgage. As a result, bankruptcy and foreclosure often go hand-in-hand. A cash home sale may be the solution you need to keep from filing bankruptcy. You can pay off your mortgage and other debts, giving you the ability to get out of financial hardship and start over without killing your credit score.

Short Sale

A short sale may seem like a quick fix to avoid foreclosure. However, it doesn’t save your credit or eliminate your remaining debt after the sale. The bank may still come after for the loan balance. A cash home sale may be a better option if you need to sell your house fast. Our local home buyers can make an offer on your house that you can work with.

Sell Your House for Cash in Just 3 Easy Steps

A traditional home sale may not work for you if you need to sell your house fast during divorce. It can take months to repair the house, stage the house, find a buyer, and close the sale. Peak Home Buyers Network makes it easy to sell your house by removing these steps and buying directly from you. You can sell your house as-is for cash in these three easy steps:

Step 1: Contact Our Buyers

Contact Peak Home Buyers Network today and tell more about your property and your situation. Feel free to ask questions and learn more about our cash offers.

Step 2: Get a Cash Offer

We will assess your property and make a cash offer within 24 to 48 hours. Our cash offers are fair, and we will never lowball you or take advantage of your situation.

Step 3: Get Paid

Accept our offer and close the sale. We use a reputable title company to transfer ownership and pay you cash for your house during the closing.

What Are the Advantages of a Cash Home Sale?

Avoid Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

Selling your home quickly can prevent foreclosure, providing a lifeline to avoid financial devastation. Opting for a cash sale can be the critical solution to sidestep the looming threat of bankruptcy, offering a swift and effective way to retain ownership of your home.

Save Your Credit

By selling your home swiftly, you can dodge missed payments and safeguard your credit score from the harmful impacts of foreclosure. Choosing a cash sale ensures a stable financial transaction, maintaining the integrity of your credit history.

Close in As Little As 7 Days

A cash home sale streamlines the process, allowing for a closing in as little as seven days, offering you the chance to swiftly transition to the next phase of your life. This expeditious resolution helps you move forward promptly, unburdened by the weight of impending foreclosure.

No Selling Costs

Opting for a cash sale eliminates various selling expenses, saving you from the burden of additional fees and allowing you to retain the full amount from the transaction. This cost-saving aspect ensures that you preserve your finances during this critical period.

Sell Your House As-Is. No Home Repairs

A cash home sale relieves you from the necessity of making any repairs, presenting your property as is. This stress-free approach to selling spares you from the time-consuming and costly process of home repairs, streamlining the transaction for both parties involved.

Call Today to Get a Fast Cash Offer

Don’t let foreclosure destroy your financial future. Put an end to financial hardship with a cash home offer from Peak Home Buyers Network today. Fill out our online form or call (803) 991-0959 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house fast in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Sales

What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a voluntary agreement where the homeowner transfers the property’s ownership to the lender to avoid the foreclosure process. This option can help mitigate credit damage and release the homeowner from mortgage debt.

Do you get any money if your house is foreclosed?

Typically, after a foreclosure sale, any surplus beyond what’s owed might be returned to you. However, in most cases, foreclosure results in the loss of your property without monetary gain.

Can I sell my house to avoid foreclosure?

Yes, selling your house before foreclosure can settle debts and prevent the process. However, time constraints might make it challenging to find a buyer before the foreclosure’s completion.

Can I sell my house while in foreclosure?

Yes, but it’s complex. Selling during foreclosure involves negotiating with the lender and addressing the overdue payments to clear the debt.

What happens if a foreclosed home is not sold?

If unsold at auction, the property becomes real estate-owned (REO), owned by the bank. It’s then usually listed for sale on the market.

Can you sell a house if you are behind on payments?

Yes, but it’s challenging. Selling while behind on payments requires working with the lender to settle the debt during the sale.

When does the bank officially take ownership of a foreclosed property?

The bank gains ownership after the foreclosure process concludes, typically after the property is auctioned and no bids are accepted, or after redemption periods expire.

When is it too late to stop foreclosure?

It’s usually too late when the foreclosure sale is finalized. Before this, options like repayment plans, loan modifications, or bankruptcy might halt foreclosure proceedings.